SelectHRM software selection for HR solution suppliers

Select’s offer

Select runs websites designed to match supply and demand for business software applications. Websites in the areas of HR, CRM, ERP and Accounting software are available in 7 European countries. Select can help you target one country with one specific solution, but we can also boost opportunities for your entire business software suite in a major part of Europe. The Select websites match you as a supplier with potential buyers and provide these prospects with your specific product information. Select offers concrete sales leads and specialised portals to promote your software with maximum effect.

Criteria for participating software vendors

Only leading software suppliers are represented at the websites from Select. Participating software vendors should meet the following criteria:

  • Participants must be original software manufacturers, or authorised agents of the software manufacturers.
  • Participating suppliers must have a considerable client portfolio.

Interested how SelectHRM can promote your HR and payroll offering? Then please contact us, so we can further inform you about Select and our proposition.