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This website is intended to help organisations in making a well founded decision when selecting software to support their HR and payroll processes.

Lifecycle of employees and HR software

The lifecycle of an employee in an organisation can be displayed in many ways. Ullrich uses a model (see picture below) in which new employees are recruited for the organisation. Once these employees are in, they enter a continuous process starting with performance reviews. Based on these reviews the employees will be rewarded and development programs consisting of for example coaching, courses and training will be put in place. The results of these rewards and development plans will be reviewed again, etc. This HR process will stop when the employee leaves the organisation.

Creating a database containing employee data and other relevant information is key for the management of this continuous process . In the course of the career of an employee, many changes that should be recorded occur. Hence a solid HR administration should be in place. When this is realised, the HR department is properly equipped to add value to the organisation and the career of its employees. Payrolling is a logical part of this process and consists of the basis for managing pay and benefits. Both personnel administration and payrolling can be part of a HR software solution.

HR software

Human Resource Management (HRM) performs a crucial role within modern organisations. HR, payroll and related solutions like time & attendance software, provide organisations a means to pursue a specific HR strategy. The number of HR solution vendors has increased vastly over the recent years. The differences between the payroll and HR systems are rather small in most cases. This makes it hard for organisations to select a system that neatly matches their requirements.

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