CIPHR is a privately owned business with over 650 organisations using its software and over 700,000 employee records managed on CIPHR systems.

The Company has its head office in Marlow, Bucks UK. CIPHR provides software and services for people and data management.

Our Vision

Effective people and data management are critical drivers to organisational success. Technology is a core enabler, but needs to be applied in new ways through the fusion of traditional techniques, modern integration mechanisms, and new services.

Our Mission

The Company works to be a strategic partner in the delivery of software and services for effective people management, and to unlock the true value of people-related data. We meet client demand through traditional software, outsourcing, data management and new forms of knowledge-based services.

CIPHR Connect enables you to link CIPHR’s software with other applications in your organisation, reducing administration; improving data accuracy, security and integrity; and enabling you to gain deeper insight into your people metrics.

The two-way data flow enables your organisation to feed selected employee data into these systems securely, or vice versa, as and when you need them. Imagine how powerful it could be to swiftly report on the commercial impact that training and benefits packages are delivering, thanks to connections between HR data and other relevant systems used by your organisation.


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