IRIS Cascade & IRIS HR Pro

Used by thousands of companies across the UK to manage over one million employees, IRIS HR software offer flexible and agile solutions to help you through every element of HR management. Our HRM software – IRIS Cascade and IRIS HR Professional - enable you to work more efficiently and strategically and to build better engagement with your team, wherever they are working, and whatever the size of your organisation.

Being cloud-based, our HR software can be used anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, operating locally, nationally, or globally, we can support your human resources needs now and in the future, with functionality that can be added as your company grows.

Why choose IRIS HR Software?

  • Put employees first: Our HR products support your people through every stage of the employee journey – from onboarding to offboarding and everything in-between.
  • Futureproof business operations: Our cloud-based HR software is accessible from anywhere, modular and completely scalable, so it will change to match your business as you grow and evolve.
  • Save on administration time and money: Our software automates your human resources processes, so you have more time to focus on business objectives.
  • Customisable solutions to solve every issue: Whatever your organisation’s needs, we can deliver an HR solution that meets them, increasing efficiencies, improving engagement and enhancing your competitive advantage.
IRIS Cascade & IRIS HR Pro

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