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HR Management, Payroll and Inhouse Recruitment Solutions

With over 20 years’ experience, Access Group provide HR, payroll and recruitment software to help you attract, engage, develop and retain the best people to power your organisation. Our collaborative people platform helps you streamline your day-to-day, giving you the freedom to focus on the strategic HR activities that make a real difference.

Access HR

  • Provide an outstanding experience at every stage of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment, through onboarding to ongoing engagement, performance and talent management
  • Minimise the time spent on less-productive routine tasks while ensuring accurate records and regulatory compliance.
  • Provide comprehensive reports to improve decision-making, and drive forward the people agenda in your organisation.
  • Drive system adoption and boost engagement with HR initiatives through intuitive employee and manager self-service and versatile communication tools.
  • Get the freedom to address strategic objectives and spend more time on attracting, engaging, developing and retaining the talent your organisation needs to succeed.

Access Payroll

  • Choose from a  flexible range of payroll software options or outsourcing services to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Take advantage of more comprehensive reporting, more valuable insight and better alignment by integrating your HR & Payroll software


  • Handle any type of payroll, regardless of complexity and number of employees
  • Manage real time information payments with HMRC recognised software
  • Maintain compliant with legislation changes, tax codes, PAYE, NIC, minimum wage thresholds and more

Fully-Managed Payroll

  • Benefit from a 99.9% accuracy rating and circa 200 years payroll experience via our fully-managed payroll service
  • Ensure business continuity without compromising on accuracy or efficiency should you need to outsource your payroll on a one-off, temporary or long term basis in future.

Consultative approach

At Access we understand that every business is different and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. That’s why we offer a range of best-of-breed solutions, working together to provide the best possible fit for your requirements.

Utilising our Time-to-value approach you can customise your project to concentrate on the areas that reduce admin and streamline time-consuming processes first, helping you see value faster. We’ll work with you to add to your solution as your needs evolve.

SelectHR and SelectPAY

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