HR solutions are hot!

57% HR solutions are going to be renewed

HR solutions are hot, according to recent research from Deloitte. Despite the current economic situation 57% of the organisations is planning to renew their current HR software within 18 month. This is in line with the feedback SelectHRM is getting: Many Human Resource departments need to streamline their processes due to an increased workload and diminishing staff. HR systems with self-service capabilities seem to be the logical next step.

Deloitte defines HR software as tools for Learning Management, Talent Management and complete e-HRM solutions. In their research Deloitte found seven drivers for the replacement wave mentioned above:

  • Outdated HR systems: It appears, many organisations use outdated HR systems. With the current speed of technological developments, the lifetime of software is no more than 5 years. In the case of HRM many systems were focused on the back-office, while employee and manager self-service are the trending topics in the most recent systems.
  • Reduced TCO in the Cloud: The total cost of ownership (TCO) of HR solutions is drastically reduced with the introduction of cloud computing. Most vendors have a cloud solution available now, which makes a switch attractive.
  • User friendliness: In the last couple of years, the user interface of HR solutions has improved a lot. Fueled by a clear need for flexible user centric interfaces and the introduction mobile computing (on smart phones and tablets) this improvement is embedded in most HR systems now.
  • All encompassing solutions: The research indicated 13% of the organisations have only one HR solution. The advantages of implementing a fully integrated system are obvious.
  • Business intelligence: Integrated HR solutions provide an additional advantage. The integration and consolidation of data simplifies the process of analytics and reporting.
  • Increased flexibility: Flexibility and scalability is key in today’s business arena. Today’s HR requirements will differ from tomorrow’s requirements. HR solutions in the cloud offer the kind of flexibility needed by nature. Upgrading and downsizing is easily accomplished.
  • Talent is high priority: Talent management ceased to be an HR theme only. It became a strategical issue, high on the priority list of CEO’s. HR solutions can support Competency Management, Talent Management, Succession Management and Learning & Development.

Interesting and recognizable issues to support the switch to integrated HR solutions in the cloud. Nevertheless, 57% renewals within 18 months seems to be a very optimistic figure. This figure will probably include implementing updates from the current supplier as well. Which makes the message a lot less spectacular.

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